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In its efforts to apply the international quality standards, the Canadian Medical Center had signed cooperation agreement with the International Canadian medical council for recognition of medical institutions to obtain the Canadian recognition certificate for medical quality services.

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Sooner the Canadian Medical Center in Dammam will be opened which belongs to KHAYRAT medical company. The center consists of group of clinics which include the following: gynecology & pediatrics , internal and general surgery, ophthalmology, ENT, and all fields of specialties in ENT, orthopedics, general medicine, emergency, X-rays, laboratory and pharmacy as well as women health club and special section. ...more

CMC Health Services
Canadian Medical Centre provides medical services to the unique and distinct pleasure, including:

  • Household medical care.
  • Medical consultancies at the best international specializes medical centers (the second medical opinion service)
  • Visiting doctor program with professors of medicine at the Saudi and Canadian universities.
  • One Day Surgery.
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